Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bragging rights :: my first loaf of bread.

A very quick post because I can't contain my smugness and my husband is sick of hearing me ask him, deranged grin on my face, "But don't you think it's just GREAT??? How GOOD is it??!!".
I refer to this BRILLIANT loaf of bread which I hate to admit is my first ever. The breadmaking process has been a total turnoff to me, what with kneading, proving, yeast, temperature, the idea that you have to give the whole process so much attention etc. I've though about getting a breadmaker but frankly another appliance in the cupboard is also a turnoff.

Then I found this post via Pinterest. I thought about it for several weeks. And yesterday I tackled it. And this morning was wickedly pleased.

The result is a beautifully crusty sourdough-ish cob. Delicious with salty French butter. Or Vegemite. Or completely naked (the bread that is).

The great thing about this recipe is that although it takes some time, it takes NO effort other than you start it a day ahead. No kneading or punching down, no getting up at 4am or all of the other turnoffs if you want fresh bread in the morning.

Just mix flour, salt, yeast and water together the day before, let it sit in a bowl until the next morning and then bang it in a hot oven as soon as you wake up. Bakes while you have a shower and dress the kids for breakfast. Easy peasy.

It's also adaptable in that it can be transformed with herbs, nuts, cheese, fruit etc which will be my next challenge.

And check it out. Looks good, right? And by the way, my husband went back for seconds.....and thirds....

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  1. I taste your bread and I can say it's delicious! Claudia