Friday, 21 September 2012

Ripe bananas :: banana muffins

Almost two weeks ago I bought a big bunch of green bananas at the Koné Saturday Market. They were really green, rock hard in fact, so they sat in the kitchen slowly ripening. Problem is, once things ripen here, they go bad really fast! So we've been trying to eat our way through them but the last few are turning so it's time to get baking to use them up.

Yesterday I made a Banana Walnut cake which turned out pretty well although it very much resisted leaving the cosy confines of the loaf tin. With half a dozen bananas still remaining I turned my efforts to this fabulous recipe from Melbourne Food Files for Banana Muffins.

They were very simple, contain no dairy and came out beautifully! They completed my morning of baking, which started with another loaf of no-knead bread (this time with sunflower, sesame and linseed).

Now it's time to relax in the shade with a cold drink and the kids and enjoy the beautiful weather today. With a banana muffin, of course.

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