Wednesday, 6 March 2013

This was February

Somewhere between getting back from 5 weeks in Australia and now, February happened.
It seems to have gone very fast and yet we managed to pack a bit in, not that the photo evidence supports this claim.
We made some inroads - and have met a large roadblock - into getting Jack into the local school.
Our Baby Nellie turned 2 and celebrated in a harried-mummy style of a '2' candle on a chocolate eclair (they really do sell the best frozen desserts here). Before you get all huffy on me for being slack, I DID manage to make a fabulous princess crown for her, which, I tell you, will last a lot longer than any cake would have.
If my stitching holds, that is.
The big logistical event was the collaboration of friends and family to get Jack's first wheelchair over here. As soon as he gets into school we can give it some work. In the meantime we are pushing the walker (no pun intended) and most days harrass the locals in the supermarket. Several apologies for Jack's hoon noises, crashes with displays of tinned haricots and attempts at GBH (ankle-targeted) are hastily mumbled in bad French each time.
Rob made inroads into child labour dressed up as 'let's help Daddy wash the car'.
We had a daytrip up to Poingam, the northern-most tip of mainland NC. Population up there is very few, being about 5-6 hours from Noumea or 2 1/2 - 3 hours from Pouembout. The last parts of road are unsealed and herds of horses roam around, mostly in the middle of the road. The foal pictured was resistant to the idea of self-preservation.
It was also the month when Jack was given a 4-inch bruise on the arm by his devoted but brutal baby sister by a door. We witnessed all colours of the rainbow as it healed.
I hope your February was eventful and happy, too.

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