Monday, 30 April 2012

Five things I'm packing.

The days are flying by. So much to organise - renting the house, Jack's equipment, cleaning the cupboards of outgrown clothes and outloved books in preparation for packing the material contents of our lives.

I don't feel like we're in the homestraight yet, but we're definitely rounding the last bend. My next task is to venture into the roof and haul out the suitcases, decide which to use, and then start the vexed and tedious job of selecting the most important things to pack.

So how to start? I'm starting  by packing for the New Caledonia chapter of our lives with these top 5 things:

1. My electronic book reader - If I had my choice, I would pack up the Sandringham Library and every book within and rebuild it in Koné. Failing that, there are nifty little devices which let you transport a billion books in your handbag. I'm loading mine up with the classics, the pulp crime and the tear-jerkers, and tucking it in.

2. My sewing machine - All my childhood and throughout the fraught teenage years I was clearcut about what I wanted as a 21st present. I wanted a sewing machine. And so my humble little Brother entered my life and together we've bumbled and fumbled along, creating a few successes and lots of disasters. We both have our failings but we're still together, and although I would prefer to trade-in my little Brother for a more sturdy and reliable model, I'm sure it will do the job of 'Make Do or Mend' in New Cal. The current problem is finding a functional and sturdy travel bag to get it there.

3. My T2 tea - I love coffee. I'm a bit snobby about my coffee. But I'm more flexible with my coffee than my tea. So there is no debate about bringing my T2 tea - all 100g that the French Customs will allow me to bring in per person. Did you know that my husband and 3 year old also love the very same delicious tea as me? Happy coincidence! They will also be bringing in 100g each. Every single time we return.

4. My Microplane grater - Okay, New Caledonia probably sells microplanes. In fact, I'm sure they do. There's probably lots of them. But I love mine. I often use it several times daily - cheese, garlic, ginger and nutmeg are constant requirements in my kitchen. The idea of cooking without it makes me feel a little bit sick, actually. So it's going in.

5. A positive can-do attitude - I know it's cheesy, but it's probably the most important thing I can take with me on this adventure. It's no secret we're taking on some challenges with having a fearless toddler and a clever 3 year old with a disability. Everyday will present a new set of hurdles in about 27 different categories - my plan is to tackle them head on! Consider it packed!

What would be your top 5 overseas necessities?

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