Monday, 26 March 2012

Update: delays and puppy problems.

Gus - comtemplating....well, nothing, really.
The past few months have been very busy. Since we found out that our relocation would be delayed a few months, I decided to take the month of February off from learning French to concentrate on Nellie's first birthday party and cleaning through the garage and cupboards for a stall at Camberwell Market.

Both were hard work, but went very well. Nellie's party had all the required frills and food, and the weather was brilliant for our 50 or so guests in the backyard. Camberwell Market was packed, and I was glad that my hours of price labelling every item paid off, as we took over $400, which, for a first effort at the market, was a good result and nice to have in the pocket!

We are now planning to an August date of moving to New Caledonia. My husband has spent the last 2 weeks over there and is due back this week. I'm itching to sit down with him and prise the information I need from him: houses he's seen which we might be able to take, disabled access, thoughts on a car and life in general. When we did our go-see it was October, the lovely dry season. He has been there now at the end of wet season. There's much to discuss.

But my biggest concern is much furrier: we don't yet have a home for our two dogs whilst we are away. This really worries me. The house, our belongings, cars - these are just material things which we can sort through and for a fee they can all be taken care of. But pets - unfortunately no amount of money can secure the right guardians - it has to be because they want them and genuinely care for them!

And what's not to love? Two little Westie-cross scruffs, Maisie, 9, and Gus, 7. Each has their foibles, but they are great companions and easy to care for.

Maisie - unimpressed that I disturbed her nap.
 The lucky temporary owners will have the majority of costs covered, including registration and vet bills. They don't need much exercise, are used to kids, and are mostly outdoor dogs who will happily snooze the day away inside if you prefer (snoozing a favorite past-time, as evidenced by the above photos).

And the best part is: you get to hand them back in a couple of years.

Contact me if you or someone you know would like to meet them for a more (semi) permanent relationship! 


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