Friday, 1 August 2014

Now we are six :: an island celebration.


The past months in my blog absence have included some physical and mental challenges for our family. We've all been learning about ourselves and there have been some new understandings of how things are and how they may be.

Included in this was major surgery for our son Jack. While we know the long-term outcome of his surgery will be beneficial and prolong his ability to have some mobility and delay joint problems, the reality of the excruciating slowness of his recovery sometimes challenges our patience.

For this reason we decided to go somewhere to celebrate Jack's 6th birthday last weekend, and take a day trip to Amedee Island, 20km south of Noumea.

The island is a lot smaller than I imagined, taking only about half an hour to walk end to end and only 5 minutes across its middle. The island is famous for it's lighthouse, or phare, shipped from France and assembled in 1865, providing guidance into only one of 3 natural entrances to the reef.

The other reason people flock to Amedee is the reef itself. It has a dazzling array of sealife, including seasnakes, turtles and fish species, offering a spectacle to snorklers and divers.

 One of the best things for us was being able to use the beach wheelchair which the island offers free of charge to those with disabilities. This made getting along the beach and into the water a lot easier for us.

We booked our day trip via and made use of the internet special.

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