Wednesday, 18 December 2013

:: Le Jardin du Pere Noel and a special treat ::

Last night Jack was treated to something special.

We visited le Jardin du Pere Noel in Anse Vata, Noumea. This is a house which for over 20 years has been transformed into a dedication to Christmas for the whole month of December. 

Every outdoor space and every external room is packed with Christmas paraphernalia, including countless Santas, angels, snowmen, statues of Jesus and Mary, Disney characters, children's movie characters and moving toys. Lights twinkle and cascade over every part, including the roof. Garfield and Oui Oui (Noddy to English speakers) occupy the driveway. Harry Potter shares the backyard with Buzz Lightyear and toy ducks, rabbits and cupids.

We were mingling in the crowd of families admiring the many details (and wondering at the Enercal bill) when the gentleman helped create this unique New Caledonian marvel spotted Jack in his wheelie and took him past the crowds in the front door of the house into the front room. This room held a miniature snowy village and a train set and Jack loved it.

His closeup view and VIP treatment was a surprise but it made his night, with Nellie more than a little jealous from the sidelines!

If you get the chance this is a great treat and something which is not common in New Caledonia.

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