Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Seven Great Aubergine Slash Eggplant Recipes

Eggplant, or aubergine here in NC, is cheap at the moment. I paid about 200f for four smallish sized ones this week, which is a bit more than $2 Aussie. Based on price, I think we'll be eating more aubergine in the next few weeks - it's cheaper than a lot of other vegies available here right now.

For me, eggplant are best with the tried and true companions - tomato and cheese. Come to think of it, most vegetables taste best with tomato and cheese! However there is *sigh* a time to put the stodge aside and enjoy lighter flavours I suppose - lucky I love a curry, then.

Top left: Eggplant salad via

Top centre: Green eggplant curry via

Top right: Eggplant balls via

Centre: Eggplant curry via

Bottom left: Spicy vietnamese eggplant via

Bottom centre: Moussaka (Rick Stein's recipe) via

Bottom right: Eggplant gratin via (I've tried this one before - total yum!)

Tonight I dipped into a recipe for moussaka which I've cooked several times and which everyone goes crazy for, which is Rick Stein's recipe for moussaka. I substituted beef for the lamb mince, as lamb mince is not easy to find here. I think the only place I'll get it in Pouembout is if I order it from the butcher....but it was a last minute decision so no time for that!

Given the cheapness of eggplant, I've saved some other recipes as well (links above - sorry, couldn't link into the photo collage - don't know how yet...).

Therefore I present to you...Seven Great Aubergine Slash Eggplant Recipes!


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