Sunday, 4 November 2012

La Poule Couveuse

Last Thursday was a public holiday in NC, but out of the kindness of it's heart, my husband's company switched this to the Friday for it's employees to make it a long weekend instead. In actual fact, it seems that many Néo-Calédoniens have taken a four day weekend anyway, so quiet are the streets.

 In any case, it was a good opportunity to go for a drive and see somewhere we hadn't been. We decided to drive over the grande terre and check out Hieghéne and have lunch at one of the resort restaurants.

 Hieghéne is about 120km from Pouembout, on the north eastern coast. The drive itself is stunning, from the winding drive across the mountains, past the many roadside vegetable stalls, to the rugged coastal drive.

 But the big drawcard is La Poule Couveuse, or The Brooding Hen. This is a small rock formation a little distance from the beach which truly does have a striking resemblance to a chook sitting in the water.

 I decided to try to get some pictures of the kids sitting in front together. Nellie is now at the age where she understands the concept of having her picture taken and Jack is starting to get enough core strength to be able to sit unsupported for a short time as long as he's not tired or upset. I had a window of opportunity. I took it.

Fact's to consider when looking at these pictures:
1. It wasn't until Rob had carried Jack all the way from the carpark to the park bench that we noticed one of his shoes was missing. Thankfully it was on the ground near the car (Jack can't walk or stand without them). Shoe back on.

2. Being about midday, Nellie was reaching the point of tired and hungry. This is the danger zone. That she was happy and took some cute photo's is fairly amazing. Although she did want to run away toward the nearest cliff immediate after these were taken.

3. It was hot. And humid. And so bright. Okay....perfect tropical weather.

4. Jack fell over on the bench only once. Still managed to have a beautiful smile.

5. This is a rare photo of myself and the kids. I'm usually the photographer in our family and a reluctant subject.

I can see the northeast coast being a regular haunt of ours. It's more pretty that the coast where we live and I love the drive over the mountains. My little chickens may become good friends of La Poule!


  1. ahh, it looks so beautiful, and what a couple of cuties x