Sunday, 12 August 2012

Getting potty.

It's been nearly three weeks and we've decided it's time to get our green on. Which is to say, time to get moving on establishing some sort of vegetable production and get some color into our barren garden.

The problem with the soil in this area is that is is clay and rock. The two combine to make an extremely hard soil (when dry) or a shockingly sticky mud (when even slightly wet). Neither are great for gardening, let alone recreation for the kids.

Many gardens in the area are pretty sparse. Some have grass growing and there are lovely examples of lush tropical gardens with palms, cordylines, bougies, cannas and the like. However, given our circumstance, I think we will be aiming for a gravel garden. Or, more realistically, a rocky clay garden with some raised garden beds and gravel paths to traverse them without the resultant clay-soled platform shoes.

A couple of weeks ago we visited a few local nurseries where I got some basic cordylines which I hope to be able to separate and generate a few plants which I can pot up and also put into the garden. A couple of them have 'babies' so I can separate them and have new plants.

I've also bought several packets of vegetable seeds such as lettuce, pak choy. capsicum, chili, zucchini and pumpkin which I'll sow into egg cartons and cardboard boxes before putting into pots or the ground.

I also managed to find potting mix in 40L bags. After much effort to get them into my shopping trolley I then found myself unable to get them into the back of my car! Thankfully a lovely man offered to help and loaded them in. Merci beaucoup!

So it's a start. With some TLC and daily watering we may soon have green......

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  1. hey Rachelle - great to hear you've started the gardening challenge...hope you have little green sprouts by now!
    I have a cold and weather here is freezing... very envious of your balmy 22C!