Saturday, 13 September 2014

When family visit sur le caillou :: Pt 3

This is the final part of our short sojourn with visiting family members a few weeks ago.

One of the benefits of having family visit, if you can wrangle it, is having them babysit for a few hours. We were lucky enough to be able to ditch the kids on an idyllic beach with my husbands parents and take in a halfday tour on a pirogue, or traditional outrigger canoe.
We boarded the canoe at the bottom of Baie de Saint Jacques and travelled up the bay via wind power. There the other passengers, who were continuing on foot to Baie d'Oro for a full day tour, waded to shore. We remained on the canoe while our guide brought down the sail and we returned to the bottom of the bay under two-stroke power.
The return trip was quite different as the light had changed and by then the tide was markedly lower, showing a completely altered aspect of the bay.
We were so fortunate to squeeze this experience into our visit, and are grateful to our babysitters for the opportunity. Definitely do it if you can.


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