Friday, 5 April 2013

What March held for us.

Another month has flown past, bringing us to 8 months in New Caledonia. It was an eventful month, closing chapters and beginning new ones.

  • A long chapter closed when finally, after 17 years of employment with Myer, I resigned. Not able to extend my leave any further, and plainly not able to resume work, I was really left with no option. New possiblities await me upon my return to Australia. (Also if you hear of any great jobs going in the next few years - well, you know my number!).
  • Cyclone Sandra skirted past us.
  • We enjoyed a weekend in Noum√©a for Easter, where we obtained one car for Rob, plus a scooter and balance bike for Nellie.
  • We've watched a lot of Sesame St downloads.
  • Nellie is proving herself a potential Olympic swimmer - or a bathing beauty - or both.
  • We've discovered the local 'mairie' has begun a insect 'fogging' regime. Now I know how a blowy feels when it gets sprayed with Mortein.
  • Rob and I celebrated - extremely modestly - 8 years of wedded bliss ;)
  • At last! We are having some significant success with Jack's toilet training. We're not totally there yet, but he's come a long way in just one month. So excited for him!
  • I had another article published on My Friend Life.
Of course, there wasy a lot more than that, but the rest was just the routine - Rob's work, doing the grocery shopping, Jack going to the kini twice a week, doing a bit of gardening to encourage vegetables (now getting tomatoes) and occupying the kids.
I've thrown in a couple of old photos you may not have seen before which I discovered on Rob's iphone.

Our plans for April include finally getting a French tutor at home, having a weekend away up north at Malabou resort and for Jack - school!

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